Here at Rara Beauty, I am very proud to be able to enable women to look AND feel their best, the natural way.

One of the fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry is 'body wraps' or 'slimming wraps'.
They go by many treatment names and there are many brands available from beauty professionals.

The treatment keeps working for 72 hours after the appointment and it tones, firms and slims but does so by detoxing, rather than masking.

Rara Beauty charges £20 for one session or £60 for a course of four.

Areas which can be targeted are tummy, thighs and the upper arms. 

FAQ: How do 'inch loss slimming wraps' work? 

Answer: The Inch loss Slimming body Wraps exfoliate and cleanse your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose skin and gives you exceptional and lasting inch loss.

The body mask that is applied breaks down fat cells and empties the internal pockets of the stagnant fluids and toxins and this is all excreted out of the body, over the 72 hours after the treatment has been carried out.

Lots of water will need to be consumed to achieve maximum results.