Rara Beauty prides itself in being a Bespoke Spray Tanning expert; using professional tanning products by globally loved and celebrity endorsed brand Fake Bake, I am able to analyse your skin tone and pigment and adjust your tan to ensure all areas of the body will be beautifully bronzed thanks to my professional DHA drops, even areas of your body that perhaps lack natural pigment will be gorgeously golden.

Fake Bake 'Original Formula' is just £15 for a full body and gives a gorgeous golden colour which emulates how your skin would glow had you just come back from a nice holiday. It develops in 8 hours and lasts between 7-10 days. 

Fake Bake 60 Minute formula is just £20 for a full body, and again includes my bespoke tanning expertise. This express formula is the only spray tan solution which allows the wearer to completely control their own colour;

Leave your guide colour on for;

1 hour for a light tan,

2 hours for a medium bronzed tan

and 3 hours for a richer tan.

Again, you'll be gorgeously golden for up to 10 days, providing aftercare advice is followed.

All my spray tans include disposable paper pants, hair nets and 'sticky' feet. Meaning all you need to bring is yourself!


For best results, I advise all clients to exfoliate and remove body hair 24 hours before their appointment (this gives time for your pores to close before your treatment).

Clients are also advised to come to their appointment without deodorant, moisturiser or make up on, as these act as a barrier on the skin and will affect the end result achieved. 

It is also advisable to wear dark, baggy clothes where possible to minimise colour transfer.


Do not shower before your tan has fully developed.

Do not take part in activities that may make you perspire while tan is developing.

Once tan has fully developed, rinse yourself until the water runs clear and then you may use gentle soaps etc.

Showering will make your spray tan last longer than bathing, and patting yourself dry instead of rubbing will also help to prolong your tan..

You should moisturise every day once your tan has fully developed to maximise the life of your tan, preferably with an Oil Free moisturiser- My Fake Bake shop has moisturisers specifically designed to help maintain your gorgeous golden glow whilst keeping skin supple and silky smooth.